Terms and Conditions
FREE Respite Care

FREE respite care offer terms and conditions

This free respite offer is available at participating RFBI residential care villages below:

The terms and conditions below apply to all participating Villages:

  1. Free respite is available for a limited time only (please speak to your participating Village team)
  2. You must have a current National Aged Care Assessment (NASF) and approval for respite
  3. You must have respite days available (maximum is 63 days per financial year)
  4. If your total respite period is for longer than offer period, payment for any days exceeding the offer period will be charged in full and must be paid prior to admission
  5. Any respite exceeding the free period will require payment of the Basic Daily Care Fee and Additional Services Fee. The General Manager will advise what the current Basic Daily Care Fee and Additional Services Fee is for your respite period
  6. Payment for any personal services that are provided as a personal expense (such as hairdressing) is to be made directly to the provider
  7. The availability of free respite is limited. Please speak with the General Manager to confirm your respite booking