Residential Respite Care

Short-term care in a safe, comfortable and
relaxed environment

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Residential Respite

We understand that the need for care can arise suddenly and for a range of reasons. Your loved one may need extra support after time spent in a hospital, or you are looking to take a break. RFBI can arrange safe, comfortable short-term care at one of our residential care villages. Respite is a service that provides care to your loved one so that you can take the opportunity to attend to some of life’s necessities knowing that your loved one is cared for.

RFBI is delighted to offer you residential respite care RFBI residential care villages. Respite admission is dependent on the availability and includes:

- A private, fully furnished, single room accommodation with ensuite
- All meals prepared fresh daily by our catering team provided throughout the day, including morning and afternoon tea
- Daily leisure and lifestyle activities your loved ones can participate in
- Personal care and support throughout the day and night (24/7)
- A secure and vibrant community with access to all Village amenities
- Support to access allied health services and specialists (at your own cost)

Call us to enquire today at 1800 181 959.

What is residential respite care?

Residential respite care is 24/7 care in a residential care village for a short period of time. At RFBI, respite residents are given a fully furnished private room with ensuite and provided around the clock care. Respite residents are able to enjoy all the facilities and services offered by the Village and are encouraged to participate in lifestyle activities and events scheduled during their stay.

All our residents enjoy freshly cooked meals prepared onsite by our professional catering team. Prior to admission, our team will discuss with you any particular likes, dislikes and allergies to ensure there is always something your loved one would like.

Respite residents live alongside current residents, which helps to foster connections and ensure that they feel part of our community.

How do I access residential respite care?

Everyone entering respite care will need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Once a respite approval is granted, they will be eligible for up to 63 days per financial year of respite care. This can be taken over the course of the year. Extensions may be granted with further approval from your aged care assessor.

Our friendly team is here to help. Our team will speak with you about your individual circumstances and encourage you to come in for a tour to familiarise yourself with our village and to meet our team. We can also help coordinate your ACAT on your behalf.

Call us on 1800 181 959 or contact your nearest RFBI residential aged care village.

Take a Tour
Step 1 Undertake an ACAT assessment for your loved one
Step 2 Call 1800 181 959 to speak to our friendly care team about your needs
Step 3 Visit your local RFBI residential care Village for a tour and meet our staff
Step 4 Confirm dates, submit your application and finalise contract
Step 5 Move in on the agreed arrive date