World Fairy Bread Day

Sonia Lim 17 Dec 2019

It is the party starter that spans generations. On World Fairy Bread Day, staff at RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village dressed up as fairies, decorated their tea trolley and made lots of fairy bread for everyone to enjoy.

As residents and staff enjoyed this iconic treat, many recalled birthday parties and special occasions in their childhood where fairy bread was a feature. Many residents said that it was an easy treat to make with some sharing their number 1 tip — “always ensure the bread is fresh!”

Did you know that fairy bread is native to Australia? It supposedly came about when a Scottish-born novelist named Robert Louis Stevenson published a poem way back in 1885 detailing “fairy bread to eat.” Whether he actually developed fairy bread or not, we are glad it is part of our national cuisine and one of our fondest memories of growing up.

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