We have trained Infection Prevention and Control leads across our villages

Sonia Lim 13 Jan 2021

Protecting the health and wellbeing of our residents has always been a top priority at RFBI. We are consistently looking to improve the way that we ensure those most susceptible to COVID-19 and other viruses and diseases, our elderly, are protected and that our team are prepared and educated on best practice.

So when the Minister of Aged Care, Richard Colbeck, directed every Australian aged care facility to have a key trainer in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) internally, we acted quickly. On 17 November 2020, Robyne Bragg CNE and Lynda Brill CAC represented RFBI and were trained by the Clinical Excellence Commission to be our key educators for IPC.

The very next day, 12 of our staff from NSW rural and remote locations and our ACT Holt village attended our head office to participate in IPC Train the Trainer education. This was facilitated by Robyne and Lynda and the participants were trained and gained competency with all aspects of use of PPE (as demonstrated) and Infection Prevention and Control.

Other villages who were unable to send someone to the face-to-face session accessed IPC Train the Trainer education via their local health districts. As a result, we had a key IPC trainer in every RFBI village location as of the 20 November deadline given by the Minister.

Our IPC trainers will commence further education of staff across our villages in the coming weeks. We are proud to take our commitment to our residents further and to ensure we are even better prepared for the prevention and response to infectious diseases, including COVID-19 and influenza.

As a result, we now have a number of competent and IPC trainers working across our locations. To find a location near you, please visit https://rfbi.com.au//residential-care/