We All Fit Together

Sonia Lim 27 Mar 2019

Harmony Day with Future Stars (41)

The universal message of Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’. The day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster a sense of belonging for everyone. So at RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village, staff organised an activity for residents to promote this message.

Ten children from Future Stars Early Leaning Centre were invited to join residents at the Village for a special craft session followed by morning tea of fruit, cheese and crackers. Staff prepared large cut out jigsaw puzzle pieces and provided craft resources for children and residents to decorate. Each piece of the puzzle, uniquely decorated with stickers, textas and even cotton wool were then connected together to form a large jigsaw puzzle. The primary focus behind this creative activity is to symbolise that no matter what age we are, nationality, etc., we all fit together as one. Not only is it great to establish connections with the local community, it also helps us build on that inter-generational relationship.

Other craft included decorating wooden dolls with costumes from various cultures from around the world. Children had a lot of fun exploring the gardens looking for lizards.

It was such an amazing sight to see how much the residents were delighted to have the children in their home.

“I love how the children are so outgoing and friendly!” says Margaret, a resident at the Village.

Residents were amused with the innocent questions asked by the children such as “Why are you so old?”. It was clear the children also loved interacting with some of the oldest and respected members of our community; in fact, a child was so overwhelmed and happy to be at the Village, he said to one of the residents “I just want a hug” … and of course was rewarded with one!

When it was time to leave, there were some sad faces and a few tears, with comments from the children saying that they “want to stay at this house”. Everyone is excited for the next reunion which will be a special Easter feast cooked by the children!