Warmth in every stitch in Berry’s knitting group

Sonia Lim 13 Sep 2023

The gentle click of needles and the soft rustle of yarn are the sounds of camaraderie and compassion in action at RFBI Berry Masonic Village. Here, a knitting group comprising seven wonderful ladies and one gentleman has been weaving warmth and friendship into their creations.

Prudence and Edna, two of the group’s talented members, recently completed a heartwarming project—a vibrant and colourful blanket made from knitted squares. It’s a testament to their dedication and craftsmanship that this blanket now exists, ready to bring comfort to its recipient.

What makes this blanket even more special is the delicate crochet stitch applied by Prudence, turning individual squares into a harmonious whole.

The final beautiful blanket was gifted to one of the group’s fellow residents, Rachel. The smile on her face when she received this thoughtful gift was a priceless moment.

But the knitting and crocheting group at RFBI Berry Masonic Village doesn’t stop at blankets. They have been busy crafting an array of wonderful items, all with a purpose—to provide warmth and comfort to those in need. Their generosity knows no bounds, as much of their completed work is donated to the Salvation Army to help those facing the chill of winter.

They are also the amazing creators behind our crochet poppies for ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, which we always receive comments on!

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