Villages commemorate ANZAC Day in their own special ways

Sonia Lim 26 Apr 2021
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Every year our residents, staff and volunteers take the opportunity to commemorate ANZAC Day.

Together we show our respect and honor those who fought to enable freedom for people all over the world, but were not able to make it home. In some cases, those stories of honor hit close to home, with some of our residents having been a part of the war or had a family member or friend who was impacted by it.

In our RFBI Bathurst Masonic Village, residents, family members and staff gathered for a special ANZAC service that featured war stories that brought tears to everyone’s eyes, followed by a morning tea. One of our war veterans in the village had their family come to visit and support him on the day, which was extremely moving.

In RFBI Tamworth Masonic Village, our residents laid reefs and talked about their own experience with the war as well as what their families went through. One of our creative residents wrote a poem to commemorate the occasion, which we all listened to whilst enjoying damper and ANZAC biscuits for morning tea.

Residents in RBI Holt Masonic Village also gathered for a special service to commemorate the fallen. The service ended with ANZAC biscuits, a game of Two Up and a special treat – the Australian War Memorial kindly loaned us a memory box filled with replica artifacts of World War I for all to discover.

RFBI Basin View Masonic Village, like many of our other villages, also held a service to commemorate ANZAC Day.

Our villages all find their own special ways to recognise these occasions, which are so important to our residents and to us all. For more news from our villages, click here.