The scoop on National Ice Cream Day in Bathurst

Sonia Lim 2 Aug 2021
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Most of us can probably agree that any day named National Ice Cream Day is bound to be a hit with many! The delicious, creamy treat is popular amongst our residents as a dessert, but our Leisure & Lifestyle team decided to shake it up recently to celebrate the important occasion.

On National Ice Cream Day our local RFBI Bathurst Masonic Village ice cream fairy made a special visit with her cart of treats to each of our resident’s rooms. She brought with her fun and brightness, and of course some tasty ice cream for all to enjoy.

As we’ve been faced with more COVID-19 restrictions, little moments like these are extremely important to help create a positive environment within our villages. Fostering good mental health within our team and ensuring our residents are protected is vital.

And a little ice cream can go a long way in achieving that!

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