The Girl in the Shadows

Sonia Lim 5 Jun 2023

RFBI Moonbi Masonic Village is located in a picturesque setting so it comes as no surprise that Lonely Hill Films sought approval to capture scenes for their indie feature, The Girl in the Shadows, within our charming community. The filming schedule is set to commence on Monday, 10th July and conclude on Saturday, 5th August where we will welcome cast members and the production crew for a couple of days. Filming will be done in the vacant areas of our Village and in the external grounds and will have no impact on our service delivery. The name of our Village will be hidden in the film, however in the film, you may recognise Moonby House, where they will also be capturing some scenes that will feature in the film.

For the safety of our residents, families and staff, the production team and cast have been informed about our infection prevention control protocols.

We invite you to watch the video above, where the cast of The Girl in the Shadows has a special message to introduce themselves.