Tamworth residents love a good quiz!

Sonia Lim 8 Jul 2022
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Our residents at RFBI Tamworth Masonic Village have put their general knowledge the test through a virtual quiz held against other aged care communities.

The turn out to our communal room was big, the air was tense with excitement, and our residents had their thinking caps on to answer some great questions on topics that covered everything from science and geography through to harder questions for Star Wars movie buffs. Questions were perfect for all skill levels in the room, and we had a number of people shine through with their knowledge on particular subjects.

Residents had a great time chatting together to work out the answers and had a wonderful laugh. Even the quiet people in the room threw out an answer or two.

The residents were delighted to take out a prize from the quiz. And the experience was made even better from our animal therapy dogs, Dusty and Barney, who jumped between laps for cuddles throughout the experience.

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