Taking a trip down the rabbit hole with RFBI Care at Home

Sonia Lim 7 Sep 2022
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Some of our Care at Home clients in South Western Sydney have discovered the fascinating, topsy-turvy world of Alice In Wonderland in a special day out to the Grounds Wonderland.

Everything was not as it seems at The Grounds in Alexandria, as we spent a fun lunch exploring the gardens and taking photos in front of the spectacular themed decorations.

Outings such as these can be difficult for some seniors who live at home, but face some health or mobility challenges that prevent them from driving or accessing their community without a little bit of help.

Our Care at Home staff offer an important service in facilitating seniors in keeping their castle their home, whilst enjoying some of the activities they love in their community. In this case, lunch at one of their favourite cafes.

Our home care services are tailored to each individual – as we know that individuals have unique needs when it comes to maintaining independence whilst staying healthy and happy at home.

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