Take A Moment With…Mary

Sonia Lim 3 Feb 2024

There is potentially nobody with a more diverse and interesting backstory and career than Mary. Her story is remarkable, and one many of our staff love to spend time hearing her tell in our RFBI Benhome Masonic Village.

Mary grew up in a small town – Merriwa – where she had many relatives in the community, and close friendships. Her family lived in a tent and then a cabin beside the creek, where they grew up together amongst the amazing local wildlife. She reflects on her time growing up, stating that besides school by correspondence, it felt like a long holiday.

Mary’s career is dotted with interesting experiences. She worked in an electricity and goods store before she was able to go into nursing.

“I loved nursing from the start. You will find no more rewarding profession than nursing – but it comes down to your passion for the role,” Mary shares.

The shift work made the career challenging. So being the clever person she is, Mary taught herself to dressmake, knit, cook, renovate, paint, she volunteered in three schools, libraries and cabarets as a part of a cancer support group.

Perhaps some of the most interesting stories that Mary shares is her romantic memories. Jim, Mary’s husband, and Mary have had a remarkable companionship. She always speaks fondly of the moment that both Jim and Mary looked at one another and suddenly said “You will marry me, won’t you?”

“Jim was such a gentle giant, a generous man who loved to dance and was so handsome. From the moment we met and he gifted me a flower from under his suit coat and took my hand. I knew I had arrived at a place I didn’t know I was looking for,” Mary shares.

“I fondly remember sailing a canal in a colourful gondola to romantic music with Jim – the man I was married to for 60 years.”

Today, Mary is often found spending time with others, completing crosswords and reading. She says one of the best things about living in the community is always knowing there is someone around if you need them.

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