Take A Moment With…Glenda

Sonia Lim 20 Feb 2024

Glenda is amongst our community of amazing volunteers who passionately give their time and skills to create experiences for residents in our villages. Glenda has generously given three hours of her time each week to provide support and companionship to residents in RFBI Benhome Masonic Village located in Maitland. She has, in fact, been volunteering with the village for eight years now – Glenda is part of the family.

Glenda very kindly cares for resident’s nails and hosts special craft days for residents to enjoy – she started volunteering after visiting a resident in the village and wanting to do more. Glenda loves the opportunity to speak to residents, learn from them and hear their stories.

“I volunteer because of the knowledge that I am making the residents days happier, and my day is more worthwhile. RFBI offers the whole patient approach and does it very well. All staff at RFBI Benhome Masonic Village are wonderful, from the maintenance and catering teams to the housekeepers and managers. Everyone knows each other and is very approachable,” Glenda shares.

Glenda is a creative individual and accomplished dressmaker who also dabbled in the creation of striking cards. She is happy, friendly and reliable, and a respected and appreciated member of our team.

Glenda fondly recalls some of the moments in her volunteering that stand out to her.

“One of my fondest moments was during the COVID-19 lockdowns when we organised a special 100-year balloon and flowers to celebrate the birthday of one of the residents. We presented them at the window for the resident to see – it was a truly special way to overcome the barriers of keeping our distance,” Glenda shares.

Volunteering your time with RFBI is a chance to give and gain. Glenda says volunteering is extremely satisfying. In as much as you will be giving your time to the community, you will also be sharing stories and conversations with some truly remarkable individuals.

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