Take A Moment With… Nancy

Sonia Lim 3 May 2023

Nancy is a resident in our RFBI Berry Masonic Village and has no problem building relationships with other residents and staff. She is a wonderful talker and a talented storyteller, which has given us the opportunity to learn much about Nancy’s life.

Beyond living here, Nancy has a strong connection with RFBI Berry Masonic Village. She was, in fact, a founding memory of the village after identifying a need for a quality aged care service in the region.

Nancy has a wonderful story that begins in her childhood, when she was often found in the streets of Berry riding her bike for fun or to and from school. One of our Leisure & Lifestyle Officers took her out in town in her wheelchair recently, which brought back memories of Nancy riding her bike away from angry dogs on her way home.

She reminisces on holidays spent skiing in the snowy mountains with her family, and even shares that the mountains are where she met her husband.

Beyond her childhood, Nancy grew to become a wonderful Telephonist and have a passion for gardening. She has her own garden she tends to in the village. Nancy is also passionate about dachshunds, and you will find her room and bed decorated in dachshund themed décor.

We are very fortunate to have Nancy in our village. She tells us that “the quality of the care and staff attitudes is what makes our village special”. And she also shares that she loves the food that we serve for her every day.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Nancy.

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