Take a moment with Michelle

Sonia Lim 6 Apr 2021

A moment with Michelle

We are so lucky to have many amazing volunteers who generously give their time to support our staff and give our residents even more reason to smile.

Today we’re spending a moment with Michelle.

Michelle has volunteered at RFBI Bathurst Masonic Village for around 18 years and plays such an important role in our residents’ lives there. Michelle swapped bringing joy to the younger generation’s lives through a teaching career for giving back to the older generation through her volunteer work. She is a Sister of Mercy and offers pastoral care to residents each week or when they need it.

“Some of the residents don’t have family or friends to visit them, so I help to fill the gap. I now help the elderly at the end of life’s journey after spending many of my years with children who were just beginning their educational journey.”

Michelle is a wonderfully committed and fun-loving person, who our residents look forward to seeing.

“I am always amazed by how easily residents settle into their new environment. The staff show so much care and patience towards them.”

“I am grateful for the time I have spent with the residents at RFBI. I encourage others to volunteer in aged care, as it is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that could also lead to other opportunities.”

Looking for the opportunity to give back to your community? Find out more about volunteering your time for older people. Visit https://rfbi.com.au//how-can-you-help/volunteering/