Take A Moment With… Mary

Sonia Lim 17 Mar 2023

Mary is the last surviving member of her family (five siblings), who were early settlers in the Jamberoo and Albion Park area. She was born in Jamberoo and grew up in Unanderra, where her father’s dairy farm once stood. Mary’s father and his farm may be long gone, but the sounds of cows and trains in the distance still give her comfort.

Now a resident in our RFBI Berry Masonic Village and having just celebrated her 97th birthday, Mary is grateful for the company of the staff and residents. She has sadly lost her partner, her siblings and most of her friends. Her few remaining acquaintances cannot visit due to their own health conditions. Her relatives live interstate, making visits difficult to arrange. Nevertheless, Mary’s only child makes an effort to visit her weekly, providing her with the love and companionship that she needs.

Mary has a granddaughter who is a TAFE teacher and photographer, and a grandson who is a busy musician and music teacher in Newcastle. Her grandson, Rodney, and his partner Anthea often visit our village and play music for residents, which is always enjoyed by all.

Mary’s great granddaughter, Gabby is also a budding performer and skilled musician who, despite a busy education schedule of her own, visits and plays for Mary and her friends. Mary always tells us how proud she is of her family and their accomplishments.

Mary and her daughter are grateful for the quality of care provided in our RFBI Berry Masonic Village. She often shares with us her life full of memories, from being a well-known dressmaker and skilled seamstress to being a member of two Probus clubs, and of course she tells us of her family’s many achievements. Rodney, Anthea and Gabby performing Mariachi with Victor Valdez is always a favourite.

Thank you for sharing your 97th birthday with us Mary and for being a part of our community.

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