Take A Moment With… Ken

Sonia Lim 27 Jun 2022

Ken, a farmer in the West Wyalong region for most of his life (since he was 13), has a wealth of knowledge on the community, it’s natural beauty and working on the land. A resident now in RFBI West Wyalong Masonic VillageKen was overjoyed when we took a trip with residents to his hometown in Weethalle recently.

Ken dropped out of school to help his family (parents and younger sister) on their farm, where they grew wheat, oats and barley. They also had horses and sheep – Ken became a very quick shearer using just hand shears to shear 40 sheep a day.

Residents visited Weethalle recently for morning tea and to see silo art, some of which featured sheep shearers, bringing back fond memories for Ken.

“I was the oldest shearer in Weethalle and a hard worker. I would shear 40 sheep a day using hand shears before machines were invented that could do 150 a day,” Ken said.

“To this day my grandson will come and pick me up from the village and take me to the farm for a visit.”

Ken was an avid football and cricket player, and would even sponsor the local football team. He also did a lot of travelling around Australia to show pigs and sell rams.

Ken’s is another interesting story within our villages, and we appreciate the many experiences he shares with our team at RFBI West Wyalong Masonic Village regularly.

“Everyone here looks after me really well and the staff take us on outings and to see the Christmas lights each year,” Ken said

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