Take A Moment With… Judy

Sonia Lim 6 Mar 2023

Judy has many remarkable memories to share with our team in RFBI Berry Masonic Village, where she lives.

Judy grew up in Woolloomoolloo, Sydney during the war, which brought many struggles to her family, like many others who grew up in that time. Hiding under the tables at home during the bombardment from the mini-Japanese submarines that had made it through the netting in the harbour was not uncommon for Judy. The school where she attended had air raid shelters and you could most often hear the sirens going off. The mini-Japanese submarines had destroyed many homes along the harbour.

Despite the challenges, Judy remembers a wonderous upbringing where The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney was her playground, and she spent hours exploring it or the streets of her neighbourhoods with her friends. She even shares fond memories of feeding the local baker and milkman’s horses during regular walks with her friends.

Judy’s career took her in the direction of education, working in preschools and even running them herself in partnership with a friend. She achieved a Diploma of Teaching and spent many years tutoring children. Always busy and with a passion for the written word, she spent much of her spare time reading and she wrote many articles for the likes of Women’s Day. In the early 1970’s, Judy had a serial on Sydney radio station, 2CH. The serial was called “The Amazing Adventures of Cedric the Dragon”, a weekly session for the children to listen to.

Judy continues to spend much of her time enjoying a good book today – if you are looking for a good read, she has some wonderful recommendations.

Judy also writes for the RFBI Berry monthly newsletters, an activity that was started for Judy to continue her writing story skills. Judy compiles these stories from Staff and Residents who dare give her 3 topics to write about, titled “Stump the Storyteller”. Everyone enjoys the stories where Judy’s imagination takes her.

Judy quickly built friendships when she moved into RFBI Berry Masonic Village. Of particular note are her special friendships with two of our staff, Julia and Des. Judy enjoys her days in the village taking in the beautiful outlook she has from her window, speaking to her friends, challenging herself to some search-a-word and playing games.

Judy is a welcoming and friendly person and we are fortunate to have become part of her story and the fond memories she has of her life.

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