Take a moment with Judith

Sonia Lim 4 May 2021

A moment with Judith

We have so many interesting people living in our villages across NSW and ACT. One spectacular person is Judith, who is a resident of RFBI Bathurst Masonic Village.

A passionate ballroom dancer, knitter and social butterfly, Judith has lived with us for many years. She lived in one of our retirement village for 25 years before moving into our residential care village, where she has been for a year. She loves being able to spend time with other residents, participating in singalongs and playing bowls.

“I really like all the activities, the group meetings and being able to talk with all the other residents in this Village.”

Judith was born in Bathurst and has lived there with her family since, with fond memories of growing up. She helped her mum to run a boarding house – she loved the opportunity it presented to meet new people.

“I have so many memories of my grandmother and I will always remember Margaret Cox, who was my teacher and was very good to me. The happiest memories I have from my past were volunteering with Royal Far West Children’s Health Scheme for more than 20 years.”

Like so many of our residents, Judith always has a story or two to share about her past. And our staff love to hear them.

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