Take a moment with Dianne

Sonia Lim 9 Nov 2021

Take a moment with Diane

Dianne has volunteered her time every week in our RFBI Holt Masonic Village for the past eight years, since her father first became a resident. Dianne spends two hours a fortnight teaching our residents how to play Rummikub. Initially a game that she played with her father when she visited, the pair decided to invite others to join and learn about the game. The experience has been a hit with our residents and staff alike.

“Volunteering in the aged care sector has taught me a lot about our older community members – their resilience and the hardship some of them have experienced. I have great admiration and feel privileged that they have welcomed me into their lives,” Dianne said.

“There are memorable experiences each time I visit RFBI. Residents who come to the table with no experience with the game and think they are hopeless, learn to play and build confidence. The day they win a game is a wonderful achievement. It always brings them back to play again!”

Dianne has become a highly respected member of our Holt community. She is appreciated by all for her patience, compassion, sense of humour and acceptance of the unique personalities we have in our village.

“RFBI is a family, and I am privileged to be a part of that family. I have volunteered for all of my adult life – at RFBI it has been a way to give back to people who cared for my parents so well. It’s a way of showing my appreciation. I am in awe of the staff; they are very dedicated, caring, non-judgmental and work very hard in what I can see is a difficult industry.” 

“The residents are accepting and grateful for being cared for in a safe environment. They seem to enjoy the company of one another and the activities that are on offer.”

Dianne’s Rummikub games have been very popular, and are a great way to get our residents exercising their brain.

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