Take a moment with Abi

Sonia Lim 1 Jun 2021

Take a moment with Abi

Many of the people who come to work with us do so due to word of mouth – our staff inspiring others to join them in making an impact on older people’s lives. That was certainly the case for our next A Moment With… feature, Abi.

Abi is our creative Catering Officer at RFBI West Wyalong Masonic Village. Her friend was constantly telling her how great RFBI is as a workplace, inspiring Abi to reach out for a job as well.

“Many people think that in roles like mine, we spend our time mainly in the kitchen. But we still manage to build special bonds with the residents.”

Abi picks those special bonds as one of the most treasured and rewarding aspects of working in aged care. That and having a bad day transform into a good one simply through the work she does.

“Things are never dull. I love having the chance to chat to every resident. It may seem small, but one of the most memorable moments I have here is doing a puzzle with two residents that they had been working on for weeks. When we put the last puzzle piece into its spot we were thrilled – we all yelled and hugged to celebrate. It’s those little things that count.”

Abi’s one piece of advice to others looking at making the move into aged care as a career choice is to remember that like any job, there are ups and downs.

“But there are more ups then downs. Seeing residents smile and being able to make their day or spend a little bit of time with them makes you realise how important you are to the residents.”

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