Sydney Fashion Week inspires RFBI Villages across NSW to celebrate individuality and style

Milly Waldren 18 Jun 2018


Inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s attendance at London Fashion Week earlier this year, RFBI Villages across NSW and ACT decided to stage a series of fashion events leading up to and during Sydney Fashion Week from 13-17 May to celebrate the individuality and style of the people they care for.

Frank Price RFBI CEO said after staging a fashion shoot at RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village we saw the joy it brought to our residents to dress-up in their favourite pieces of clothing.

“At RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village we engaged a professional stylist who brought in additional accessories and hats to add some finishing touches to the outfits.  Along with hair and make-up we chose specific locations around the Village that really brought the photos to life.  One of our residents who took part said she has never felt so beautiful in her life.

“As the Queen clearly shows, regardless of how old you are you can always have an individual fashion style.  These fashion transformations allow our residents to have a lot of fun and express themselves in a positive and unique way.

“We thought as our residents can’t attend Sydney Fashion Week why not bring it to them.  Some of our other Villages across NSW will be staging fashion parades and fashion shoots, working with local vintage and recycled clothing stores such as Vinnies and The Salvation Army to source both clothing and accessories to add to the occasion.  In Dubbo the clothing store Rockmans will be providing some outfits for the parade and in Bathurst our Village is partnering with a local clothing business called Diversity who celebrate individuality and style at any age.”

In Tamworth, as well as having a fashion shoot and parade made up of residents and volunteers, staff are also planning a special pet fashion parade with three little dogs and a baby goat to be dressed up in the latest pet fashion.”

These series of activities allow residents to interact in a fun, innovative, age irrelevant way ensuring the focus is on who we are, what we have to share and not what age we are.