Superheroes work at RFBI

Sonia Lim 24 Aug 2021

Aged Care Workers have never had an easy job but over the past two years they have had an even tougher time weathering natural disasters and now a global pandemic. Yet through it all they continue to turn up, every day, every night, to ensure the people in their care receive the care and services they need to live well. That is why at RFBI we think aged care workers are superheroes.

Earlier this month, our Village in Edgeworth experienced our first Covid-19 outbreak and we could not be prouder of the way our team responded. Many of our team had to self-isolate at the start of the outbreak, leaving a small number left to ensure new staff (including staff from other RFBI villages) who came in to support our team were familiar with our residents and equipped to provide the same high standard of service our residents are used to receiving. These staff members have worked tirelessly and demonstrated yet again just how special aged care workers are.

We have now had ten days with no new cases in the Village and are on track to come out of lockdown at the end of the month.

Last week Her Excellency, The Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC, NSW Governor and RFBI Patron, reached out to our CEO, Frank Price, to get an update on the outbreak and the impact this was having on our residents and staff. She was equally impressed with our team and the hard work they have put in to support our residents and we were honoured to receive this letter from her, commending our staff for their efforts.

Letter from Governor of NSW