Sticky golf fun in Tamworth

Sonia Lim 27 May 2024
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Residents in RFBI Tamworth Masonic Village recently enjoyed a spirited game of sticky golf pro, an activity which brought a lot of fun and a little competition to their day.

The game, which involves throwing velcro golf balls at a target mat, brought out the competitive spirit in residents as they aimed to achieve the highest score.

With family members cheering them on, residents enthusiastically participated in the game, relishing the opportunity to showcase their skills and have some fun. One resident’s granddaughter joined in the action, lending a helping hand by collecting the balls and adding to the fun atmosphere.

Amidst the friendly competition, residents shared smiles, laughter, and lively banter, creating cherished memories together. The game provided a wonderful opportunity for residents to stay active, engage in friendly competition, and enjoy quality time with loved ones and fellow residents.

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