St John’s Primary School visit brings joy in Dubbo

Sonia Lim 12 Jun 2024
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RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village is thrilled to welcome back the students of St John’s Primary School every Wednesday for Term 3.

Intergenerational programs are an important part of what we do across all RFBI’s village locations. They foster meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between older adults and younger individuals and children.

During the visits to RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village, students engage in various activities with our residents, including playing cards, board games and pool, reading books during story time, and even performing in front of residents in a singing choir. They also participate in word search games and art therapy sessions, creating a vibrant and interactive environment.

Albie, Dot, Warick and Doris have commented how positive the experience is, enjoying games and spending time with the Year 4 students.

The presence of the children brings a lively and refreshing energy to our village, making Wednesdays a day to look forward to for everyone involved.

Our intergenerational programs vary widely in their execution depending on the interests of residents and the guests we have the opportunity to welcome to the village. Simply spending time together is an opportunity for sharing experiences and understanding, building friendships and creating bonds.

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