Spooky fun at RFBI Basin View Masonic Village

Sonia Lim 31 Oct 2019

Residents and staff at RFBI Basin View Masonic Village never miss a chance to dress up and have fun. This Halloween, everyone put on their spookiest costumes and masks and created happy memories in a specially designed photo booth for the occasion. Decorations included cobwebs, skeletons, spiders and ghosts.  Halloween wouldn’t the same without treats and residents were treated to delicious chocolates after a game of chocolate ping pong. It was a wonderful day for everyone.

Across RFBI villages, special occasions like this give our Lifestyle teams the perfect opportunity to organise a fun-filled day and keep the atmosphere lively and playful for all! Read more about the variety of fun activities our residents enjoy at https://rfbi.com.au//news-events/