Singalong brings joy to residents

Sonia Lim 6 Nov 2019

Residents at RFBI Holt Masonic Village were overjoyed when the Kingsford Smith Primary School choir joined the Village for an epic singalong!

The choir had everyone singing and clapping, which brought big smiles to all around. It was a great singalong, so much so the Village has organised for the school to visit once a fortnight until the end of the term.

This is just one of the many activities the Village organises as part of their ongoing intergenerational program. Intergenerational care programs have been proven to enhance the overall well-being of both the young and the old. At RFBI, our lifestyle teams work closely with learning centres and public schools in the local community to bring children and residents together giving them the opportunity to learn from and connect with an older generation.

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