Shuffleboard fun in Lake Haven

Sonia Lim 8 Aug 2023
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Shuffleboard has become a beloved tradition at RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village, bringing joy and friendly competition to our residents every Friday.

Thanks to the dedication of our incredible volunteers – Doug, Stan, and Dee – the shuffleboard games have become a highlight of the week. Setting up the board, adjusting the seating to the perfect height, and sprinkling sand over it, our volunteers create the ideal playing surface for our residents. The games kick off, and the residents form teams, aiming to achieve the highest scores. It’s fascinating to see how many residents consistently outscore even our staff members, who occasionally join in on the fun.

Among them, Mavis has earned the title of shuffleboard champion, eagerly awaiting each weekly match to mingle with fellow residents.

Exciting news is on the horizon, as plans are underway to host an official shuffleboard championship at RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village. The prestigious title of Lake Haven Champion will be up for grabs, giving others the opportunity to claim the crown.

One of the remarkable aspects of shuffleboard is its accessibility to players of all ages. Learning the rules is a breeze, and getting involved requires minimal effort. However, mastering the game takes time and practice. One word of caution, though: if you find yourself engaged in a match with Mavis, be prepared for a challenge, as she is known for her formidable skills on the shuffleboard court.

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