Seniors festival at RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village

Sonia Lim 12 Feb 2020

Seniors Week Activity at RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village

RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village kicked off Seniors Week this year with a wonderful experience for our residents. The team invited the Early Links Yellow Bus, a local preschool group that brought children along to the Village to interact and spend time with our residents.

“Our residents spent a great morning with the children painting, playing musical instruments and seeing the kids enjoy themselves on the school bus which had a slippery dip,” commented Trudy Bailey, General Manager at RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village.

“It made our residents really happy to see young kids about and so we find it’s important to organise regular visits from local playgroups and schools.”

Every year, the NSW Seniors Festival encourages members of the community to join in festivities that embrace all things to do with ageing. It is an event RFBI looks forward to every year and encourages anyone who is starting their aged care journey to visit their local RFBI Village and have a chat with the team. To learn more about RFBI and how they can help you, either in your own home or in one of our residential care villages, please visit rfbi.com.au.

To read more Seniors Festival activities happening across all RFBI Villages, visit our News and Events page at https://rfbi.com.au//news-events/