Seniors and local school students strike a friendship

Sonia Lim 10 Dec 2021
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There is nothing more wholesome then seeing our younger generation interacting and sharing a friendship with our older generation. Each complements the other perfectly – our elderly pass on their wisdom to the kids of today, and they in turn keep our older citizens active and young at heart.

Our residents at RFBI Holt Masonic Village have developed a wonderful friendship with the caring and kind students of local school, Fraser Primary School. Residents and students have been exchanging pen pal letters and sending one another arts and crafts.

Our residents recently created a string of colourful people and floral art for the school to hang and students to enjoy. One of the teachers took and sent a photo of their craft displayed for all to see.

Students also sent to our residents a video of them preparing for Remembrance Day, and they were thrilled to know that the residents would be watching together!

Theirs is a friendship that we can genuinely be in awe of and inspired by every day.

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