Seated exercise gets residents in Lake Haven moving

Sonia Lim 8 Feb 2022
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One of the challenges our team face is keeping our residents active when they have limited mobility. Our Leisure & Lifestyle team proactively organise activities that keep all residents active, to ensure they lead happy and healthy lives.

Our RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village team recently organised for our residents to attend a virtual seated exercise class as part of the Love To Live Program. Our residents were amongst many from aged care homes across Australia who participated in the class. The class not only got residents moving over 45 minutes, but also encouraged connection between the elderly community and provided relaxation and a positive mental health experience.

Our team has organised a weekly 30 minute class with Michelle to keep residents active. Our goal is to work up our endurance and fitness until we are able to participate in a weekly 45 minute class.

Thank you Michelle for a wonderful experience.

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