RFBI’s Catering Conference a culinary collaboration for excellence

Sonia Lim 19 Jan 2024
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This month marked a significant event in the RFBI calendar as members of our esteemed management and catering teams gathered for the much-anticipated Annual Catering Conference. The two-day conference unfolded amidst the welcoming ambience of the community hall at RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Retirement Village.

RFBI is award-winning and renowned for our unwavering dedication to delivering the best dining and food experience to residents. The Catering Conference serves as a vital platform where regional managers, general managers, and catering team members converge to collaborate, share insights, and strategise on ways to elevate the already exceptional food standards set by our team across our villages.

The conference is not merely a gathering; it’s a dynamic forum where innovative ideas are exchanged, challenges are openly discussed, and collective efforts are focused on continuous improvement. This collaborative spirit ensures RFBI stays at the forefront of culinary excellence, consistently enhancing the services provided to residents in our villages.

The success of this year’s Catering Conference can be attributed not only to the dedication of our internal teams but also to the invaluable support received from our network of partners. RFBI is immensely grateful to our partners, who played a crucial role in facilitating the conference, making it a resounding success for yet another year.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our esteemed partners, including Markwell Foods, Mission Foods, SPC, Mars, Groenz, Unilever, V2, Sandhurst, Saxbys, Smooth Dining, Southern Highland Wines, Sara Lee, Hub Foods, Choices, Nestle, Riviana, Patties, KraftHeinz, Precise, Country Chef, East Coast Beverages, and EWH. Their commitment to excellence and shared passion for quality in food service greatly contributed to the success of the conference.

For those who share our passion for culinary excellence and are interested in joining our catering team, we invite you to be part of the RFBI family.

Your skills and dedication could be the key ingredients that further elevate our commitment to providing unparalleled dining experiences.