RFBI Welcomes Benhome into the Family

Sonia Lim 3 Apr 2019

Benhome AnnoucementToday, Maitland Benevolent Society Ltd Chairman, Bob Geoghegan, and Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution (RFBI) Chairman, David Adams, announced the sale of Benhome to RFBI.

Operated by Maitland Benevolent Society Ltd, Benhome has been providing aged care services to people in the Maitland community for over 150 years and today cares for over 165 people through their residential and home care services.

Maitland Benevolent Society Ltd and RFBI each have a rich heritage of helping people in need and a passion for improving people’s lives and this acquisition is a positive step that will ensure the continued delivery of high quality care and services for older people in the Maitland area.

The acquisition brings Benhome into RFBI’s extensive network of aged care services spread across NSW and ACT and compliments RFBI’s four other residential care villages in the Hunter region.

RFBI CEO, Frank Price, is honoured that RFBI has been chosen to continue the services offered at Benhome and is pleased to welcome all residents, families, home care clients and staff to the RFBI family.

“We are very proud to have been chosen by Maitland Benevolent Society Ltd to take over the services offered at Benhome.”

“RFBI has a network of residential aged care, home care and retirement living services in the area and Benhome compliments these services well.”

“As well as offering our expertise as an aged care provider, this acquisition will open many doors for Benhome staff who are now part of large network of aged care services and able to take advantage of career opportunities available across all RFBI services and locations.”

Special meetings with residents, families, home care clients and staff are being held to inform them of the acquisition and benefits this will bring. Anyone with questions about the acquisition are welcome to contact RFBI Head Office on 1800 181 959 or email benhome@rfbi.com.au.