RFBI Raleigh Urunga Masonic Village shines at the Bellingen Show

Sonia Lim 29 Jul 2023
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At RFBI Raleigh Urunga Masonic Village, the spirit of community and engagement knows no bounds. Recently, our vibrant community of residents embraced the opportunity to participate in the local Bellingen Show, igniting a sense of nostalgia and joy.

With the invaluable assistance of our dedicated gardener, Karla, and the creative input from members of our gardening group, we selected and registered for several categories to showcase our green thumb talents.

We carefully selected and delivered a stunning array of flowers to the show pavilion, representing our dedication and passion for gardening. The vibrant blooms spoke volumes about the time, effort, and love invested by our residents.

We were overjoyed to receive four prizes out of the six categories entered. Two first-place awards and two second-place awards brought smiles and applause, not only to our residents but also to their families who were present at the show. The triumphs sparked a renewed sense of accomplishment and reinforced the incredible talents within our community.

Attending the Show evoked fond memories of attending in their younger years. Some even had the privilege of proudly exhibiting their own produce and livestock. So it was a thrill for them to be back in the vibrant, noisy atmosphere of the Show.

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