RFBI launched telehealth services with Visionflex telehealth carts

Sonia Lim 1 Aug 2023

Accessing medical practitioners can be challenging, especially in regional and rural areas with fewer GPs and specialists. At RFBI, we believe that everyone deserves easy access to quality healthcare, no matter where they live. That’s why we’re thrilled to have received our first telehealth cart delivery at RFBI Goulburn Masonic Village and excited to announce the integration of telehealth services at our Villages, making healthcare more accessible for our residents.

Led by our Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Woodlands, our telehealth services will help minimise barriers to accessing GPs and other health services for our residents. We are grateful for the support from our local Public Health Networks, who have granted us close to $150,000 in funding. Together with RFBI’s investment of an additional $150,000, we have purchased 18 Visionflex telehealth carts and systems to be distributed to Villages where residents and local community members are struggling to access GP and specialist services.

Through the Visionflex system, practitioners will be able to utilise a range of real time diagnostic tools, make high quality recordings, capture images and document care notes direct into a resident’s file, significantly reducing the administrative burden of a typical telehealth appointment. Our goal is not to replace face-to-face appointments, but to better support our GPs in providing high-quality care to our residents. Telehealth services give our healthcare practitioners access to residents via telehealth when they cannot physically come into the village, ensuring continuity of care even when circumstances prevent in-person visits.

The Visionflex system operates on a secure web-based platform, providing health practitioners with easy access to the telehealth portal without any software downloads. This seamless integration with our clinical system allows any images, recordings and notes taken during the telehealth appointment to be effortlessly added to a resident’s file without creating additional work for our healthcare practitioner or RFBI staff members.

Benefits of Telehealth for Our Residents:

  • Reducing the waiting time to see a health professional
  • Avoiding the need to travel for medical consultations
  • Maintaining continuity of care when in-person visits are challenging
  • Ability to access End-of-Life Care (EOLC), including early intervention
  • Ability to connect with family, even when distance is a barrier

We’re excited to embark on this journey, empowering our communities with accessible and high-quality healthcare services.