RFBI Lakemba Masonic Village 30th Anniversary Celebrations

Sonia Lim 13 Nov 2018

RFBI Lakemba Masonic Village 30th Anniversary

Over 100 residents, guests and staff at RFBI Lakemba Masonic Village celebrated their 30th Anniversary on 7 November with a lively concert and delicious lunch. This celebration not only marked 30 years of a happy community but was also the official opening of a new ramp.

Our special guests RFBI Chairman, David J. Adams, CEO, Frank Price, Cheif of Operations, Louanne Riboldi, Regional General Manager, Sanjila Verma and Development Manager, Steve Elitt officiated the new ramp with a ribbon cutting ceremony following by cake. It was amazing to have our oldest resident who has been living in the village since it opened 30 years ago, Ailsa Parry invited to cut the cake.

“30 years is a long time for a Village to be operating and we are immensely proud of the work that Attie and her team have done to keep the Village running smoothly and successfully.” commented Frank Price, CEO. “I am most proud of the quality of life the team has provided to the residents and also giving them the best experience.”

When the Village first opened back in 1988, the Village was under the supervision of Heather Carmichael and was then taken over by Cheryl Baker. In recent years, Attie Cheng has continued to successfully operate the Village as General Manager.

“I love working at the Village – the residents and the people I work with always put a smile on my face.” commented Attie Cheng, General Manager. “As General Manager of the Village, it is so important for me to see that our residents are getting the quality care they deserve. My staff always go out of their way to ensure that our residents are comfortable and happy at the Village. This is their home first and foremost and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to join us and make this such a fitting celebration for a fabulous 30 years!