RFBI Corporate Partners Spend Quality Time with Residents

Sonia Lim 5 Apr 2019

RFBI Bathurst Masonic Village

Our Corporate Partners Volunteer Week has been running since 2017 to provide an opportunity for RFBI business partners to experience first-hand the important service we provide for our residents and their families.

This year, we were excited to host more than 50 people from 17 companies at our Villages across NSW and ACT. Our corporate partners participated in various activities such as bingo, ‘bobs challenge’ and card games.  Staff, residents and corporate partners alike, all had a wonderful time.

“Our Corporate Partners Volunteer Week has become a highlight of the RFBI social calendar and I am delighted by the feedback we receive from residents, staff and our corporate partners about their experience and the way this event has shifted their understanding of aged care.” commented Frank Price, RFBI CEO.

“One of our goals at RFBI is to change negative perceptions some people have about aged care and really showcase the truly wonderful care our team provides and the impact this has on our residents and their families. I am grateful to all of our partners who took time out of their busy schedules to spend some time with us and get to know our services a little bit better.”

John Fallon from Warren Saunders Insurances visited RFBI Lakemba Masonic Village and commented, “It has been extremely enjoyable to spend the day at RFBI Lakemba Masonic Village. It was wonderful to see the RFBI staff interact with the residents and uplifting for myself to make someone’s day. We are ready for next year!

Naseer Taseer from Zurich Financial Services also had a fantastic time with our team in Concord. “Thank you for hosting us at RFBI Concord Community Village on Tuesday. It was a privilege and pleasure to be a part of the day and we look forward to participating on a regular basis.”

Volunteers are integral members of the RFBI team, generously giving up their time to provide companionship to our residents, teaching new skills, and assisting with outings. In return, they are rewarded with lots of laughs and a sense of satisfaction knowing that they have helped make a difference to someone’s life.

If you would like to become an RFBI Volunteer, you can visit rfbi.com.au, call 1800 181 959 or email us at admin@rfbi.com.au.