RFBI Armidale Masonic Village residents shine at the Armidale Show

Sonia Lim 2 Mar 2024
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RFBI Armidale Masonic Village residents showcased their talent and creativity at the annual Armidale Show, proudly participating in various categories including artworks, tapestries, and knitted items. Residents poured their hearts into their creations, resulting in an impressive display that garnered admiration and recognition.

This year proved to be particularly rewarding as residents received three first-place prizes along with multiple second and third-place awards, highlighting their skill and dedication to their craft. The joy of participating in the show was palpable, with residents relishing the opportunity to share their talents with the wider community and celebrate their achievements. Residents shared how they have been entering the show for many years.

Beyond the thrill of competition, the Armidale Show provided a wonderful day out for residents, filled with laughter and a sense of accomplishment. As they explored the exhibits, enjoyed the various attractions, and basked in the festive atmosphere, residents cherished the opportunity to connect with others and relive memories of their local show.

Following the show, the winning artworks, tapestries, and knitted items have been proudly displayed within our village, allowing residents, families, staff, and visitors alike to admire and appreciate the talent and creativity of our community.

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