RFBI Armidale Masonic Village residents set their musical talents alight

Sonia Lim 17 May 2024
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Music is an integral part of our residents’ lives thanks to the many skilled musicians we have working in our villages and volunteers who deliver music therapy to residents.

In RFBI Armidale Masonic Village, residents look forward to monthly visits from Fumie, a talented musician from the New England Conservatorium of Music. Each month, Fumie leads engaging music therapy sessions that bring joy and harmony to our community.

Residents eagerly immerse themselves in the melodies of old-time songs, play instruments, and participate in lively sing-alongs. Fumie’s infectious enthusiasm and musical talent create an atmosphere of warmth and connection, fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents.

During these sessions, residents of all ages and musical abilities come together to share in the joy of music. Whether it’s Bill, who at 101 years young, plays the maracas with zest, or Roger, a fellow resident and skilled musician, strumming his guitar alongside Fumie, each participant adds their unique flair to the musical experience.

The sessions are not only about music but also about fostering social connections and emotional well-being. Residents like Robyn and Merle find delight in singing and dancing together, while staff members like Wilma join in the fun, playing instruments alongside residents.

The music therapy sessions with Fumie have become cherished occasions that residents eagerly look forward to each month, offering them a sense of comfort, connection, and happiness.

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