Residents whisked away to paradise in Leeton

Sonia Lim 5 Jun 2024
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RFBI Leeton Masonic Village was filled with the spirit of Aloha as residents gathered for a lively morning tea and beach party, surrounded by the uplifting sounds of live music and the vibrant colours of tropical decorations.

We were very fortunate to have our ears treated to some wonderful music from local performers – Weevils in the Flour served a wonderful ukulele performance and a sister group from Narrandera also performed some cheerful tunes for us all to sing and sway to.

As residents adorned themselves with flower leis, the atmosphere was infused with joy. Some couldn’t resist the urge to dance, while others joined in on the lively sing-alongs, their voices blending harmoniously with the music. Mavis, beaming with happiness, remarked, “Everyone is having so much fun. Everyone is so happy.”

The celebration continued with a beach party featuring local singer Sharon Benjamin, daughter to one of our residents, who enchanted the audience with her guitar and soulful melodies. Residents donned their flower leis once again as they immersed themselves in the carefree ambiance of the beach getaway, with colourful flowers and hanging mobiles adding to the festive atmosphere.

Surf music filled the air as residents danced and laughed, some even pretending to ride imaginary waves. The energy was infectious, with clapping and cheering punctuating each song, creating a symphony of happiness and togetherness.

The morning was a testament to the power of music, laughter, and community. It was a reminder that no matter our age, we can always find joy in simple pleasures and shared experiences.

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