Residents surprise our friends from Parkview Public School

Sonia Lim 16 Oct 2023

The creative spirit of residents in our villages knows no bounds. Just recently the crafty residents in our RFBI Leeton Masonic Village created some delightful surprises for a local school in celebration of the Horse’s Birthday!

Residents created a collection of beautiful hand-crafted pictures adorned in colourful feathers and materials. Featuring a majestic horse, the pictures were a labour of love which residents decided to then generously gift to students from a local school.

Students from Parkview Public School visit the village every Thursday to run a lively and fun-filled game of bingo for residents. We always look forward to their visits and have a big turnout in the room. Residents were thrilled to be able to gift students their crafted horse pictures as a way of saying thank you to the students for their contributions and for bringing so much joy to the village every Thursday.

Thank you to the students of Parkview Public School for hosting our bingo each week, and to the teachers and our staff for organising these visits. They are something we all look forward to.

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