Residents share words of wisdom for Valentine’s Day

Sonia Lim 16 Feb 2021
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If there is anyone we can learn a thing or two from about happy relationships, it’s the amazing people within our walls that have spent or continue to spend several decades in a happy marriage with the love of their life.

There are many heartfelt stories of couples meeting one another for the first time, spending their lives together and having amazing memories to share from their journey. So for Valentine’s Day, we simply had to ask what the secret to their long and happy relationships was.

We had so many wonderful pieces of advice from residents at RFBI West Wyalong Masonic Village – some made us chuckle, but others almost brought a tear to the eye.

Pam said the secret to a happy relationship is “teaching, giving and doing everything together”, while Susie and Nancy said it all comes down to finding the right person, and then everything falls into place.

Fred said it’s about being true to one another and Kath said it’s about focusing on building a “happy life” together.

We so enjoy hearing our residents talk of their loved ones and the memories they’ve made and appreciated all for lending their tips to some of us who don’t quite have the same experience when it comes to a lasting, happy relationship.

And of course, to celebrate Valentine’s Day the proper way we ensured everyone had a nice box of chocolates, because that’s one of the secrets – we think!

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