Residents make random acts of kindness

Sonia Lim 29 Mar 2021
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Random acts of kindness can lead to improved mental and physical health for seniors, as both the giver and the recipient. Small acts can leave a big mark on someone’s life, and we have so many generous individuals in our villages that feel a great sense of happiness doing something for someone else. Last month, on Random Acts of Kindness Day, some of the female residents at RFBI Goulburn Masonic Village decided to craft little gifts of kindness to hand out to staff and residents to make them smile.

All who received a gift were pleasantly surprised and grateful, and all that gifted a gift felt a great sense of satisfaction from doing something that makes someone else happy.

This special day happens annually and was established to make random acts of kindness the norm on the daily. It doesn’t take much to do something kind, so why not! For more news from our villages, click here.