Residents knit to provide comfort to cancer patients

Sonia Lim 7 Jul 2023
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In a heartwarming display of compassion and creativity, the residents of RFBI West Wyalong Masonic Village have embarked on a remarkable knitting project. With needles in hand and determination in their hearts, these remarkable individuals have been busy knitting scarves not just for themselves, but also using their exceptional skill to help children battling cancer at the local hospital.

Over the past few weeks, the residents have tirelessly knitted squares and sent them to the children’s hospital’s cancer ward, spreading warmth and love to those in need. Not content with just scarves, the residents have also been using their knitting skills to make beanies for cancer patients. These thoughtful creations provide comfort and a sense of warmth to those undergoing challenging treatments.

This knitting project has not only brought joy and fulfillment to the residents but has also fostered a sense of purpose and connection within the facility. As each stitch is woven, bonds are strengthened, and the residents find a profound sense of achievement. We are looking to create new, challenging projects for participants moving forward!

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