Residents celebrate National Doughnut Day

Sonia Lim 4 Jun 2021
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One of the more delicious days on the annual calendar and one that our residents love is National Doughnut Day. Held on the 1st of June each year, the day celebrates the tasty deep-fried treat and its many different flavours and types. This year our team at RFBI Bathurst Masonic Village held a celebration by bringing doughnuts in for all to enjoy and partnering them with some tasty hot chocolate, which was just what the frosty weather called for.

While we don’t really need an excuse to eat doughnuts, it is special to know the history of National Doughnut Day, which goes back to WWI. Doughnuts were given to the brave soldiers on the front line and during a time when they had little else to enjoy, showed appreciation for their sacrifice.

So while the day is one most would enjoy for the delicious treats, it’s also rich with history and meaning.

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