Residents and staff clown around in Leeton

Sonia Lim 10 Sep 2021
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There is nothing like a clown to get you laughing! Our Leisure & Lifestyle team decided a lot of fun and a good laugh was what everyone in our RFBI Leeton Masonic Village needed. So we threw a Clowning Around morning and invited staff and residents to get involved.

Lifestyle Officer and volunteer, Elaine, dressed up as a clown and residents were given dress up items and wigs to join in the fun. Staff and residents played balloon tennis and tried hula hooping, counting how many times we could rotate the hoop before it hit the ground. The activity brought on a lot of laughter – let’s just say hula hooping is a difficult skill to master.

To liven things up, we also threw on some rock and roll music, with residents breaking out their creativity through dance. Several residents joined in in their float chairs.

After all the activity, we headed to the coffee shop for a special treat, with more balloons, bubbles, party whistles and table spinners to continue the clowning around theme. An impromptu singalong finished off a morning of fun and laughter.

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