Pups bring companionship in Armidale

Sonia Lim 21 Nov 2022
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We have always known and understood the impact that pets and animal companionship can have for our residents. The instant smiles, the calming affects, and the anticipation for the next visit. In the past few years, RFBI Armidale Masonic Village has been fortunate to have had some wonderful four-legged visitors. Really, we consider them to be part of the team!

When COVID came to our doorstep in 2020, we had to stop our visits with Hank, who had been a regular visitor most weeks, Monday to Friday, for a couple of years. Hank was a rescue dog, a Tasmanian Smithfield Sheepdog who was a great mate to our previous Maintenance Manager. He had an innate sense of knowing who needed his company on any given day and often would be someone’s comfort as they neared the end of life.

He was gentle and had a beautiful smile to share. He even featured in some training videos that were developed for RFBI. When Hank passed away, it left a void for many residents.

Fortunately, over the past nine months we’ve had a new furry friend join our team. Beautiful Lulu, a little King Charles Cavalier pup, takes providing companionship to our residents very seriously.

Lulu, like Hank before her, knows who will benefit from her company and she is often found hitching a ride on a walker up the hallway or snuggling in beside someone on a lounge chair.

The warmth Lulu brings simply by being at our resident’s side is difficult to put into words. She brings so much joy to our residents and they look forward to her visits and cuddles.

Lulu and Hank before her have been truly valued members of our team.

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