Pets are Part of Our Family Too at RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village

Sonia Lim 30 Jan 2019

Dubbo Pet Program

For most people, pets are not just animals. They are companions, friends and ultimately part of the family. We know it can be difficult to move away from home or be separate from your family and at RFBI, we are committed to making our villages as much like a home as possible – safe, happy and comfortable.

We are proud to launch a program at RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village that now enables loved pets to join residents in their new home. Our pet friendly rooms provide secure accessible outdoor space for a pet; includes an extractor fan and automatic air freshener for additional in room comfort.

It is important that every resident is comfortable with those they share their home with so all pets will be assessed to ensure that they are suitable to live in a community care environment. For more information on our Dubbo Pets Welcome Program, please contact us at 02 6800 1400 or email admin@rfbi.com.au.