Pen pal program nurtures friendships between generations

Sonia Lim 22 Dec 2021
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A love for old fashioned letter writing is connecting generations and creating friendships between young and old. Our RFBI Leeton Masonic Village residents are benefiting from a partnership with St Francis De Sales Regional College that has arranged for intergenerational pen pals.

Year 7 students from the school have sent letters to their pen pals (one of our residents) containing wonderful stories, photos and trinket gifts that bring joy. The students also designed wheelie walker name tags so our residents can easily identify their walkers – a gift that our residents have loved.

Our residents are so grateful and have adored reading the letters. Our Leisure & Lifestyle team have even helped them respond, so they too can share their own stories through written word. Many had a few wise words of wisdom to share around making the most of every moment, enjoying life and doing as your mother says!

To complement the pen pal program, we arranged a group chat to discuss our resident’s own lives at the age of 13. There were stories of bike riding, riding horses to school, walking miles, and attending boarding school themselves.

The benefits of the program are many, including encouraging respect from young people for their elders and giving them an opportunity to learn from and share with them. For our residents, it brings so much joy into their world and keeps them connected, which is so important to their overall wellbeing!

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