Paulette Millgate, National Laundry Services Individual Award Winner

Sonia Lim 19 Nov 2018

Congratulations Paulette Millgate – Winner of the Hospitality & Lifestyle Aged Care (HLAC) Awards 2018! Paulette, Hospitality Officer at RFBI Dubbo Masonic Award Village was awarded the Laundry Service Individual Award for the high quality service she has established at this Village.

HLACA 2018 Laundry Services Individual Award

Paulette has been with RFBI since RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village opened in 2016 and has applied a truly person centred approach to ensure every resident gets their clothes laundered the way they like.

“I like to treat every laundry item as if it were my own. So when I new resident enters our Village, I like to meet them to find out what they need and how we can achieve it for them. Moving into residential care is a big change for many of residents, so taking the time to find out how each resident likes their clothes to be cared for, is one small thing my team and I can do to make their transition into the Village smoother.” commented Paulette Millgate.

A great example of Paulette’s commitment is the handling of Deirdre’s clothing. Deirdre, a RFBI resident uses a motorized wheelchair and wears silky fabrics that are comfortable to sit in. As a result, her clothing cannot be washed normally. To protect her delicate clothing, Paulette collects her washing separately and ensures a specific drying setting is used.

Paulette’s respectful, ‘can do’ attitude makes her popular with residents and staff alike and her self-directed practice is in line with the RFBI philosophy of excellent customer service and consumer directed care. We are very proud to have Paulette as part of our family.

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